SavHotel has a modern Meeting Centre chosen by the most prestigious local and national companies every year. This is why we have taken special care to find the best solutions to guarantee and protect the health of our guests without sacrificing the comfort that has always distinguished our hotel's meeting area. The key points of our commitment to safety are listed below




Changing the air in a room is one of the main measures for counteracting the transmission of Covid. This is because Sars-CoV-2 is mainly transmitted by both droplets which fall to the ground and those which remain suspended in the air.

 Thanks to dedicated inlet and extraction systems, we guarantee continuous and total air exchange in the rooms, meeting rooms and all common areas of the hotel. Doing so ensures the highest safety standards.


  • Conference rooms: total air exchange every 9 minutes
  • Restaurant: total air exchange every 7 minutes
  • Rooms: total air exchange every 42 minutes in each room.




Following the complete restyling of our common areas and the creation of the new outdoor “Piazzetta” area, we ensure that accesses are restricted and spaced according to regulations within the different areas of every event. Moreover, we have implemented the procedures required by regulations:


  • Procedures for entering and remaining in the lobby, conference centre and restaurant in order to maintain social distancing. In addition, anyone entering the hotel passes through the temperature scanner at the entrance, and access is forbidden to guests with any flu symptoms and/or a body temperature above 37.5°. 
  • Covid digital certificate: all guests staying at the hotel must show their Covid digital certificate or proof of vaccination, and any participants not staying at the hotel are asked to provide their personal information for the purposes of traceability, as per the Decree. These data will be kept by the hotel for 14 days after the event. 
  • Adequate information on the prevention measures, either through special signs and posters and/or audio-visual systems, or presented by assigned staff.
  • A special self-service station with essential medical devices for all meeting participants.
  • In the meeting rooms, the seats are positioned to maintain an interpersonal distance of one metre between participants, while any speaker presenting without a mask is positioned two metres from those seated in the first row.
  •  Compulsory use of masks in all common areas of the hotel, including the meeting rooms


The hotel's restaurant NeroArancio is ready to welcome our guests in its large, bright space while continuing to ensure the required social distances.

In general, all the dining areas will have specific paths for organised access in order to respect safety distances and avoid crowding.


The following procedures are implemented:


  • A mask must be worn to enter the restaurant and when not seated at a table. 
  • Service: lunch can also be organised as a buffet with self-service monitored by our staff. Guests must wear a mask at the buffet and use the special sanitising gel located at various points in the buffet. 
  • The tables are spaced one metre apart in accordance with current regulations





Another possible route of infection is through contact surfaces. We use “Virkon” in the conference centre and restaurant, which is a liquid designed to sanitise operating theatres. We spray it on the main contact points in the conference centre, buffet areas and on the tables at the end of each meal.
Cleanliness has always been one of our strengths: even in the face of the current health emergency, we are proud to confirm our complete commitment to the matter, with uncompromising high standards.
We ensure this as follows:

  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of all common areas, corridors, the lobby, reception, all sofas, tables and contact points (e.g., lift buttons).
  • Complete cleaning and disinfection of guest rooms with every change of occupants, so as to guarantee maximum hygiene for a risk-free and relaxing stay.
  • In the Meeting Centre, the main contact points are sanitised with the product "Virkon" and all microphones, mouses, keyboards, touch screens, remote controls, etc. are sanitised with specific products. 
  • At the NeroArancio restaurant, each table is sanitised at the end of each meal using the product "Virkon".
  • Hand sanitising gel dispensers are available for guests in all the common areas: lobby, lounges, corridors, restaurant, meeting rooms.




Staying informed is one of the most important tools for limiting the spread of the virus. This is why we believe that our professionalism requires continuous updating and sharing what we know with all our guests.


  • Specific training is provided to our staff in every department, and every employee is qualified and adequately trained on the topics relating to hygiene and the rules and measures to be observed. 
  • Our receptionists, conference centre managers and dining room managers are available 24 hours a day to provide any information on the safety procedures implemented by our hotel to counteract Covid-19.





Savhotel is equipped with a spacious and modern Congress Centre. Every year the most prestigious companies – both local and national – choose us for their meetings and their events. That is the reason why we have put an extra effort in order to find the best solutions to guarantee and protect the health of our guests, without sacrificing the comfort that has always been one of the distinctive features of our meeting area.


Here are the key points:

  • Dedicated self-service station, with essential healthcare devices for all participants.
  • Before entering the meeting room, every meeting participant has their temperature checked.
  • Meeting spaces and exhibition areas are organised with limited access in order to keep a safe distance.
  • Every area of the meeting rooms and every contact point will be thoroughly disinfected every day.
  • In full compliance with the rules promoted by WHO, the catering area of the event will be organised with spaced seating. Meals will be served at tables by the catering staff.